Forecast Guide

Hello Villy I hope you find this helpful.

Lets start off with saying that you were told that the algorithm performs better in the short term. With that said, I took the “useless” and “not helpful” forecasts you sent me, and was myself very surprised to see just how well they performed.

Below is the 3 day forecast from the 25th. The hit ration was 52.12%, but in the short run this has very little indication, especially considering the markets were very slow in that period (look at those changes). The ONLY thing that is truly indicative in this chart is the USD/RUB. If you were to execute any trades you could only use that information. The return was 3.33% in 3 days. It is incredible that that pair shifted by 3.33% and no other pair even crossed the 1%, almost exactly as the algorithm predicted. It is marked in dark red because the signal passed a certain threshold.  



I also decided to take the 7 day chart just to see how it performed. Here again no signal is strong enough to take action. The reason I uploaded this is to explain that although the signal is relatively strong for USD/RUB the predictability of 0.04 just does not justify taking any action there. (unlike in the 3 day forecast where the -14.5 signal does justify a trade, although risky). The hit ration was 60%.





The 3 day forecast for the 28th simply had no interesting investment. The market was simply a mess and unpredictable, the hit ratio was 47.8%.



The rest were simply noise (30th and 31st). The 1st things got REALLY REALLY REALLY interesting, its the kind of forecast you need to wait for.

The EUR/GBP Pair had a positive 3 day signal of like infinity (strongest signal I have ever seen), and a negative 7 day signal of -18,201, I simply dont see how you can miss that. The algorithm very clearly says “The price will go up like mad up before it comes down hard”. THERE WAS NO TRADE ON THE FIRST. THIS FORECAST IS FOR THE 2nd of January. So the price increase the algorithm predicted for 3 days ended up happening in 1 day because it was the only trading day.



the NZD/USD forecast was wrong. Which happens also. Would be very interesting to see if the next forecast signal strengthened or weakened for the pair.

PS: Take a look at EUR/GBP in the 14 days from the forecast from the 1st, signal is so strong negative the decline here is only the start (unless the updated forecast changes the direction.


Hope this is helpful. If you have any other questions as always just write me.