Ford Stock News: Time To Consider Ford Is Now (F)

Ford Stock News


  • Ford has been building toward the second half of the year, and now is the right time to buy the stock news
  • Its F-150 sales will pick up much faster than anticipated during the rest of 2015, as increased capacity will meet pent up demand.
  • European sales will also continue to improve and beat expectations, as it has done well there before introducing its new fleet of cars.
  • With the Asia-Pacific region driving revenue growth in the future, the stock’s long-term outlook is strong, and I Know First algorithm is bullish on this stock.

Ford’s stock price has had a rough go of it during the first half of the year, but that is all set to turn around now. Its efforts to ramp up production of the F-150 have finally come to fruition and will improve the company’s performance during the second half of the year. With the introduction of new vehicles in Europe, the company’s performance during the second half of the year should easily beat expectations and will overwhelm investors.

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