First Solar Stock Forecast: Solar Energy’s Future Is Shining, But Is First Solar Still Competitive?


  • The Sun’s Yearly Energy Release to Earth Is Equivalent to All FirstSolarOther Energy Sources (Renewable and Non-Renewable) We Could Harvest Combined.
  • The United States Solar Energy Market Is Shifting from Commercial and Utility Installations to Home Or “Roof Solar” Installations.
  • First Solar Is Lacking in Flexibility to Shift into New Markets and New Technologies Which Offer Promising Future Growth.
  • Algorithm Predicts Investors Considering Solar Should Shift Attention for the next Year to China.

Why Solar energy has huge growth potential.

First Solar (NASDAQ: FSLR) is a solar panel manufacturer and provider of utility-scale PV power plants. Solar Energy is a form of renewable energy which harnesses the suns light and heat using various technologies. There are two main types of technologies – passive and active solar. The first form passive uses thermodynamics to redistribute heat, and by definition requires no other energy to operate. This can be done through specialized windows, or a greenhouse, and many other evolving forms. First Solar focuses on active technologies which utilize external sources of energy to power blowers, pumps and other equipment to collect, store and convert solar energy. Generally they consist of flat-plate photovoltaic (PV) panels that remain stationary; however, some are designed to track the sun throughout the course of the day. Two materials are used as conductors, air and liquid, and are referred to as “air collectors” and hydronic collectors” respectively. The energy released to earth by the sun yearly measures at around 3,850,000 EJ and contains more energy than all other remaining non-renewable and yearly renewable sources combined. With the ever-growing emphasis on sustainable energy, solar makes a strong case for the market domination; however, some issues remain.

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