DIS Stock Predictions: The Walt Disney Company: Beyond ESPN and Star Wars

DIS Stock Predictions: Summary

  • The largest revenue contributing business segment, media networks, encompasses all Disney channels, not just ESPN. In 2014, Disney-owned channels held 2 of the top 5 channels as measured by total viewers.
  • The parks and resorts segment has massive plans in the works based on some of their most popular films. This segment also includes revenue from Disney cruise lines.
  • Studio entertainment includes movie revenue from theaters and homes. The excitement surrounding many of its upcoming films dis stock predictionshould prove quite lucrative for the company.
  • Now combined, the consumer products and interactive segment reflects revenue from third party licensing agreements for use of Disney characters, as well as the ever advancing electronic game and toy industry.
  • The I Know First algorithm is bullish on DIS in the long term.

Lately people seem to find it hard to see anything past Star Wars and ESPN when discussing The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS), but Disney has much more to offer. The company breaks down its multifaceted revenue generation into 5 (4 as of 2015’s Q4) segments: media networks, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer products, and interactive.

Disney generates revenue in its media networks segments from a variety of broadcasting networks, and they have about a 33% interest in Hulu.  Unveiling a new park in Shanghai in Spring will start to generate revenue from this massive investment.  This new park is in addition to the multitude of additions and upgrades in existing parks.  The slew of potential blockbuster Disney has up their sleeve should keep fans in theaters and purchasing movies for the foreseeable future.  These exciting news releases points to DIS stock growth which mirrors I Know First’s bullish algorithmic forecast.

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