CVS Health Stock Forecast – Health And Innovation: The New CVS Brand (CVS)

CVS Stock Forecast: Summary


  • CVS’s CEO Larry Merlo just spoke at the UBS Global Healthcare Conference and brought up some interesting points.
  • The company will seek to increase market share in the specialty medication as the main source of investor value.
  • Algorithmic analysis identifies CVS as the top mega cap choice to invest in.

Larry J. Merlo CEO of CVS Health (NYSE: CVS) previously known as CVS Pharmacy, spoke at the UBS Global Healthcare Conference today. The main thesis of his speech was the rebranding from a pharmacy brand into a health brand. This seems fairly in line following the controversial decision to discontinue cigarette sales at CVS Pharmacies under the belief that “We came to the decision that cigarettes and providing health care just don’t go together in the same setting.”

Algorithmic Analysis

According to the most recent forecast based on the algorithm’s fair valuation and price equilibrium, and recent market money flow analysis the stock is oversold. The annual predictability score of 0.67 (bottom number) is at the top 5 percentile and indicates the algorithm has an over 80% accuracy score in predicting the stock historically. Although the stock’s Beta is 1 we believe it is going to significantly outperform the market in upcoming months. This is concluded by comparing the 1 year signal (bottom number) of 49.67 to all similar companies on the table. As one can see it is currently ranked as the top opportunity of all companies exceeding a market cap of $100 Billion in the 3 months and 1 year horizons.