ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast: ConocoPhillps should recover

ConocoPhillips Stock Forecast

SummaryConocoPhillips Stock forecast

  • Oil prices are very cheap at the moment, causing the industry to struggle.
  • However, ConocoPhillips has managed to cut costs and increase production.
  • The company recently won the rights to build a pipeline in the oil reserve in Alaska.
  • It offers a high dividend yield of 5.6%.
  • I Know First algorithm is currently bullish on ConocoPhillips.

Algorithmic Analysis

As mentioned at the end of the article, I Know First is bullish on the algorithmic forecast for its one year forecast of ConocoPhillps from October 27th, 2015. The bullish forecast may come  as a surprise  to some as oil prices  are dropping at a rapid rate and ConocoPhillips has struggled quite a bit in the past year. However, oil prices are bound to recover and ConocoPhillips has made smart decisions that should keep the company afloat. They have already cut down their costs by over a billion this year, but have managed to increase their production by 4%. They have also been granted the rights to oil-production facility in a federal reserve in Alaska.  The company also offers one of the largest dividend yields in the oil industry at 5.6% So while ConocoPhillips may be going through a difficult time at the moment, it is a great opportunity to buy low, so you can sell for a higher price in the future.

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