CHK Stock Analysis: This Might Not Be The Bottom, But The Time To Buy Chesapeake Is Now

CHK Stock Analysis: Summary

  • CHK’s stock price has fallen 60% in the last year, and it still might not be the very bottom.CHK Stock Analysis
  • Investors should start considering this stock anyways, as the company’s management has set the company up to succeed when oil prices recover.
  • Cost cutting technology and improved efficiency will lead to robust cash flow within a year from now, and the company has assets to hold off until then.
  • I Know First algorithm is bullish on CHK in the long-term, believing the stock has huge upside potential with low risk.

Chesapeake Energy Corporation (NYSE: CHK) is an energy company that explores, develops, and acquires properties to produce natural gas and crude oil. The stock price has fallen precipitously over the last year, and analysts have been predicting that the bottom has come for some time. However, the stock price has continued to fall, dropping another 24.5% in the past month.

The falling price of crude oil has been a bearish factor for many energy companies, but Chesapeake Energy has been hit harder than most. With the company managing to cut costs per foot while improving efficiency, the company is set up to skyrocket when the company returns to profitability, which is not that far off. I Know First is bullish on this stock in the long-term, with a strong algorithmic analysis in support of the fundamental analysis.

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