Boeing Stock News: Stock Bullish Because Of Free Cash Flow (BA)

Boeing Stock News


  • Boeing is the largest aerospace company in the world, with commercial aircrafts making up 66% of its revenues. boeing stock news
  • The company received more firm orders than its rival, Airbus, at the recent Paris Air Show.
  • It also has more deliveries per year, meaning a higher free cash flow that translates into a higher dividend yield for investors.
  • I Know First is bullish on Boeing over the next year, believing the stock price will climb to new highs.

Patient, long-term investors should seriously consider buying Boeing stock at the current prices. With a strong backlog for its products and better deliveries than its rival Airbus, it is the strongest play in the aerospace industry currently for income investors. The management team has shown a strong emphasis on returning value to shareholders, and the company is entering into a harvest phase when it reaps the benefits, in the form of revenues, from the large backlog of orders that the company has built up.

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