Best Fintech Company: I Know First Awarded InvestTech Award During African FinTech 2016 Awards

Best Fintech Company

Press release: Tel Aviv, Israel, March, 13 2017– FinTech company “I Know First” awarded top InvestTech firm during the African FinTech 2016 Awards. Below watch I Know First’s top research analyst Dmitry Neginsky presentation to the judges during the awards ceremony. 


Best Fintech Company

On November 30th, 2016, I Know First’s top research analyst Dmitry Neginsky had pitched I Know First during the African FinTech 2016 Awards. I Know First won the InvestTech category in the FinTech awards, beating numerous other top tier firms in the contesting. The firm had been selected for their successful implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in predicting the financial markets. To read more about how I Know First helps investors identify market opportunities click here.

The 2016 African FinTech Awards took place in South Africa this year on October 13th, 2016. Through a rigorous selection process of hundreds of potential candidates, qualified judges (along with public audiences) select the best FinTech company amongst various categories. FinTech Africa is a sister organisation of CFO South Africa. CFO South Africa connects finance professionals online and off in order to share knowledge, exchange interests and open up business opportunities. Through building the community CFO South Africa contributes to the growth of the country. Over 3000 finance professionals have already joined CFO South Africa.

I Know First, Ltd. brings science and math to the financial world by providing daily investment forecasts based on an advanced self-learning algorithm. Developed by CTO Lipa Roitman (PhD from Weizmann Institute – 35 years of experience), the algorithm utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques through which I Know First is able to analyze, model and predict the stock market.
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