Commodities Predictions Based On Algorithms: Up to 21.41% In 3 Days

Forecast Length: 3 Days (8/26/15 - 8/29/15)

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Commodities Predictions

Best Small Cap Stocks Based On Data Mining: Up To 107.32% Return in 3 Days

Package Name: Small Cap Stocks
Forecast Length: 3 Days (8/25/2015 - 8/28/2015)
I Know First Average: 18.52%

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best small cap stocks

Tech Stocks To Buy: Up To 18.73% Return Over 7 Days

Package Name: Tech Stocks
Forecast Length: 7 Days (8/23/15 – 8/30/15)
I Know First Average: 5.83%

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Tech Stocks To Buy

Salesforce Stock Predictions: Little Reason to Invest Bearishly in CRM Stocks (CRM)

  • Quarterly results beat all estimates and were the bestsalesforce stock predictions the company has ever seen since the company was established sixteen years ago.
  • Revenue continues to grow further and the Salesforce has scores of deferred revenue which will pour into their coffers in the near future.
  • A merger or acquisition deal is on the cards.
  • Analysts are strongly recommending “buy” positions on CRM stocks.
Amid Chinese-led economic uncertainty, one company that has fared relatively well over the past week was (NYSE: CRM). Salesforce is a provider of business cloud computing solutions that include programs and platform services as well as professional services. The Business focuses on customer relationship management.

Currency Outlook Using Predictive Algorithms: 68% Hit Ratio

Forecast Length: 3 Months (5/25/15 - 8/25/15)

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Currency Outlook

Swing Trading Strategies Using Artificial Intelligence: Up To 23.76% Return In 7 Days

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks
Forecast Length: 7 Days (8/18/2015 – 8/25/2015)
I Know First Average: 12.01% (Short)

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Swing Trading Strategies

Stock Market Forecast Based On Machine Learning: Up To 19.04% Return In 3 Days

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks
Forecast Length: 3 Days (8/21/2015 – 8/24/2015)
I Know First Average: 7.50% (Short)

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3 days Stocks