Best Tech Stocks Based On Genetic Algorithm: Up To 26.3% In 7 Days

PackageName: Tech StocksTech Stocks 165
Forecast Length: 7 Days (05/20/16 – 05/27/16)
I Know First Average: 7.90%

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Best Tech Stocks

Best Defensive Stocks Based On Neural Networks: Up To 13.70% return in 3 Days

Risk Conscious stocksPackage Name: Risk-Conscious
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 3 Days (5/24/2016 – 5/27/2016)
I Know First Average: 5.32%

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Best Defensive Stocks

Biotech Stocks To Invest In Based On Data Mining: Up To 14.26% Return In 14 Days

BioTech StocksPackage Name: BioTech Stocks
Forecast Length: 14 Days (05/06/16 – 05/20/16)
I Know First Average: 3.72%

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>Biotech Stocks To Invest In

Stock Analysis Based On Algorithms: Up to 7.06% (Long) Returns in 7 days

Package Name: Fundamental - High P/B ratio stocks
Forecast Length: 7  Days (5/5/16– 12/05/16)
I Know First Average: 3.20% (long); 2.29% (short)

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Stock Analysis

Options Signals Based On Algorithms: Return Up to 131.49% in 3 Months

Package Name: Options
Forecast Length:  3 Months ( 02/05/2016-05/05/2016)
I Know First Average: 28.43% Call

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Options Signals

Top 10 Stocks Based On State Of The Art Algorithm: Up To 18.76% (Short) In 3 Days

Package Name: Top 10 Stocks 
Forecast Length: 3 days (05/05/2016 – 05/08/2016)
I Know First Average: 1.03% (long); 0.29% (short)

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Top 10 Stocks

Best Small Cap Stocks Based On Genetic Algorithm: 51.91% Return In 3 Days

Package Name: Small Cap Stocks
Forecast Length: 3 Days (04/06/2016– 04/09/2016)
I Know First Average: 9.31%

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Best Small Cap Stocks