Stock Market Forecast: Chaos Theory Revealing How the Market Works

I Know First Research | May 8th 2014

How Can We Predict the Financial Markets by Using Algorithms? Common fallacies about markets claim markets are unpredictable. However, chaos theory together with powerful algorithms proves such statements are wrong. Markets are chaotic systems with complex dynamics, yet to a certain extent we can make valid stock market forecasts. Using these forecasts generated by cutting-edge predictive algorithms together with a careful risk management strategy may give a trader a significant competitive advantage.

Markets Are Complex Systems

Looking at the common fallacies about stock markets, we can see two major groups. The first group is connected to the classical economic theory, which claims that markets are 100% efficient, and as such unpredictable. However, trying to make predictions regarding the markets is useless anyway, as no stock can be possibly be a better deal than another. Both of them are efficient and everybody in the market has perfect information available to them. From our daily lives it is obvious that this does not truly reflect reality. There are people who actually profit trading stocks, which should not be possible in this idealistic market of economy theories.

Introducing The I Know First Financial Advisor Customized Solution

I Know First Financial Advisor Customized Solution

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Stock Market Predictions: Where In The Feedback Loop Is Your Portfolio?


  • Why you can beat the market, even when it does not seem so.
  • The importance of loops, patterns, and predictable events.
  • Random events are don’t measure risks, and should not affect your decision making.
Some traders follow the trend, and some go against it. At IKnowFirst we work on algorithmic strategies which are neither, we simply try an asses where the next opportunity is. If this means to do what everyone else does, than why not. If it means going against when everyone else does, this is also fine. The tricky part is determining where this opportunities are, this article will discuss how to find opportunities in what can seem as total randomness.


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How Can We Predict The Financial Markets By Using Algorithms? University Lecture By Dr. Lipa Roitman

dr roitmanCo-Founder & CTO of I Know First Ltd. With over 35 years of research in AI and machine learning. Dr. Roitman earned a Ph.D  from the Weizmann Institute of Science

I Know First Algorithmic Trading Strategies

There are several algorithmic trading strategies that investors can apply when they have I Know First’s advanced self-learning algorithm as a tool for their investment analysis that will reduce risk and optimize returns. Here we will elaborate how you can apply these algorithmic trading strategies to each daily forecast you receive.

Stock Market Forecast: The Markets Are Still Predictable (I Know First TV News Feature)

Stock Market Forecast: The Markets Are Still Predictable.

 I Know First Founder Dr. Lipa Roitman and CEO Yaron Golgher

were featured on i24 news .

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University Lecture