Apollo Stock Price: Can Apollo Fight Online Education Any Longer?


  • Online courses are rapidly growing; this is good news for many educational bodies, but not Apollo.Apol stock
  • Revenues and profits are dwindling; prices have plummeted below all analysts’ expectations.
  • At current prices, our algorithmic analysis is bullish on Apollo, in contrary to most investors and analysts.

 Online Courses are Likely to Shape the Future of Education

While most elite non-profit universities such as Harvard and Duke might benefit from the emergence of online courses, private for profits could very well find themselves squeezed out. Most importantly, the acceptance of online education by these elite bodies, such as in the example of Coursera and edX, will legitimize this form of education very quickly. However, smaller colleges that are not a part of these high-reputation online networks are about to face a serious challenge in coming years. In the online report “Shifting Ground: Technology Begins to Alter Centuries-Old Business Model for Universities,” Moody’s outlines who will benefit and who will lose from this transition to online courses.

Algorithmic Analysis: Apollo Stock Price

The market forecast self-learning algorithm at I Know First affirms the bullish outlook for Apollo. I Know First says Apollo has one of the strongest Buy signals for the 1-month and 3-months horizons. The positive +41.72 and +44.19 algorithmic signal say Apollo is currently undervalued, and bottom numbers 0.39 and 0.42 indicate it has a very high probability of going up in price over these periods.

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