AMAT Stock Price: Applied Material’s Venture Group Invests Into UV LED, An Interesting Portfolio Expansion With Growth Potential


  • The company took part in the series B funding round for RayVio, a leading UV LED solutions company.AMAT stock price
  • The company’s healthcare solutions might prove to be a huge growth assets in the long run, and a very smart investment today.
  • Both algorithm and analysts agree this is a bullish investment.

 Applied Materials Invests in the Series B Financing for RayVio

Applied Materials (NASDAQ:AMAT) has recently grown its portfolio with an investment through its venture capital firm Applied Ventures, LLC into RayVio Corporation, which develops solid state UV LED solutions for industrial, consumer and digital health applications. The investment will be used to accelerate product development, improve efficiency, yields and costs. The total series B funding amounted to $9.3 million, apart from Applied Materials, other investors in the round include Augment Ventures, New Ground Ventures and Tolero Ventures. Existing investors DCM Ventures and Capricorn Investment Group also contributed to the round.

Investment Opportunity: AMAT Stock Price

Analysts on both Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch are very bullish on Applied Materials. The market forecast self-learning algorithm at I Know First supports this bullish outlook for AMAT. I Know First says AMAT has one of the strongest Buy signals for the 1-month horizon. The positive +17.92 algorithmic signal says AMAT is currently undervalued, and bottom numbers 0.5 indicate it has a very high probability (75% to be exact) of going up in price over this period.

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