Algorithmic Prediction Is Bullish On General Electric (GE)

General Electric (GE)

General Electric (GE) is one of the most diversified technologies and financial services firms in the world, with segments including, oil and gas, power and water healthcare, energy management, aviation, home and business solutions, transportation, as well as GE Capital. The company will be releasing 2Q14 earnings later this month, and it has made some recent developments that will provide value for shareholders over the long term.


For instance, the company recently signed a definitive agreement to acquire Monsal, a renewable technology company based in the United Kingdom. Leveraging Monsal’s advanced renewable technology and industry expertise will augment GE’s wastewater treatment product offerings and provide energy efficient solutions to its customers. General Electric Lighting, a subsidiary of the conglomerate recently, presented an advanced and inexpensive connected light-emitting diode (LED) bulb intended to succor consumers to create personalized Smart Homes that will connect with their smartphones through the new Wink application to control lights from any location. The third component I will address here is GE Aviation, an imperative element of General Electric’s global industrial portfolio and a reliable revenue generator. Aviation is a strength for GE as a key growth driver for the company’s industrial segment, and will continue to do so, as demand for aircraft engines is expected to increase. While the shares have been moving sideways and slightly down YTD, the stock has been recognized as a buying opportunity by the I Know First self-learning algorithm. These developments will help grow share value in accordance with the bullish algorithmic forecast based on predictive analytics.


In order to enhance its technologies for its growing renewable energy business, General Electric announced it would be acquiring Monsal, based in Nottinghamshire England, for its advanced anaerobic digestion technology that turns solid bulk waste into renewable energy. The deal was reported by The Telegraph to be around £15 million, or about $20.4 million. Monsal generated over £10 million of revenues in 2013. This deal was a win-win situation for both companies, as General Electric will be able to enhance its wastewater treatment offering and Monsal will benefit from GE’s global expertise and reach in the municipal and industrial water treatment industry. Aidan Cumiskey, managing director of Monsal, stated, “Joining the GE family will allow Monsal to bring our technologies to a significantly broader audience as well as give us R&D capabilities at a much larger scale than we have now. We expect to expand our product and technology range with the GE resource, so that we become the “Go To” company globally for anaerobic digestion.”

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