Algorithmic Breakdown Of AMD Points To A Bearish Short-Term Outlook


  • AMD gained market share for x86 processors – not as impressive as it might sound.
  • Computing and Graphics division head leaving to seek better opportunities raises doubt.amd
  • Company shares plunge while semiconductor indexes soar.
  • Algorithmic analysis points to a price decline in the next few days.

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD) was once a brand name known to anyone who knew anything about computers. The company’s revenues are mainly based off product sales such as central processing units (CPUs), motherboard chipsets and graphics processor units (GPUs). In a very similar manner to Microsoft the company failed to adjust its key business operations according to the changing PC-Mobile market.

In the articles, we share with you our three-day, 14-day and one-month forecasts. AMD has been very bearish in the 3 time horizon.

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