I Know First Reviews Weekly Algorithmic Performance: September 26th, 2016

I Know First Reviews

On September 26th, 2016, our latest newsletter was sent out to all our I Know First subscribers, which can be found here. Below, find the I Know First Reviews, highlighting the algorithm’s performance for this past week.
i-know-first-3I Know First sends a weekly newsletter every Sunday to all the I Know First subscribers, highlighting the past week’s performance in all the covered financial markets, i.e. equity positions, currencies, and commodities. Additionally, the weekly newsletter includes analysis and updated news reports regarding prominent firms such as well Apple, Yahoo, Baidu, and more. The I Know First algorithm maintains a bullish stance of the firms analyzed, and our subscribers are able to utilize these tools for their investment strategies. The in-depth analysis is provided by the I Know First financial analysts, who are often times as well top rated authors for prominent financial sites such as Seeking Alpha.

In general, the algorithm is made up of The system is a predictive stock forecast algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with elements of Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms incorporated in it. This means the algorithm is able to create, modify, and delete relationships between different financial assets. Based on the relationships and the latest market data, the algorithm calculates its forecasts. Since the algorithm learns from its previous forecasts and is continuously adapting the relationships, it adapts quickly to changing market situations.

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As highlighted in the newsletter, our subscribers had seen superb returns, whether long-term or short-term. Our investors are able to tackle the market head on with all its recent uncertainties, and achieve premiums well over those offered by institutional and classic fund managers. Over the past year, in our Tech Stocks package, this forecast had achieved almost a 35% market premium above the S&P 500, with two stocks more than doubling original investments. The highest return came from NeoPhotonics Corp. (NPTN) at 161.54%, over the 1 year period.

I Know First Reviews

Furthermore, in three months, in our Transportation Stocks package, this forecast had returns as high as almost 140%. Through pattern recognition, using a self-learning algorithm, the I Know First algorithm had successfully predicted high returns in 90 days and achieved a market premium of over 26%.


I Know First Reviews

Every week the top performing financial instruments are highlighted, as shown below from this past week’s newsletter.

1. Best Forecasts this Week: 203.15% In 3 Months
I Know First’s highest-yielding stock forecasts this week came from the Tech,Small Cap, and Pharma packages. CWEI returned an excellent 203.15% from the Small Caps package in just 3 months. NPTN and GOL also gave high returns of 161.54% and 158.65%. These packages had average returns of 47.05%, 41.89%, and 16.80% which easily outperformed the S&P 500’s returns of 12.08%, 4.23%, and -0.49%.

2. 3-Day Returns Over 85%:
In the 3-day time horizon the top-performing forecasts came from the Healthcare,Fundamental, and Risk-Conscious packages. The strongest stock returned 85.64% in just 3 days. Other lucrative returns came from NWBO and WINT with 66.43% and26.79%. The averages for these forecasts were 14.51%, 11.92%, and 9.48%, which beat out the S&P 500’s -0.35 and 1.12.

3. 7-Day Returns Above 87%:
The 7-day forecasts that performed best came from the Healthcare, Pharma andFundamental packages. The most profitable return came from SRPT with 87.89% in only 7 days from the Fundamental package. NAV and KERX increased too with16.43% and 12.15%. The I Know First averages for these packages were13.83%,13.31% and 13.48% in 7 days as opposed to the S&P 500’s low return of 2.42%.

4. 14-Day Returns Topping 114%
In the last 2 weeks the greatest returns came from these highly accurate packages: Pharma, Biotech, and Fundamental. The highest return came from this stock in the Pharma package with 114.23%. ATRS and MTL also also gave a strong20.29% and 16.67%. These 14-day forecasts averaged 14.92%, 8.29% and 8.05% which towered over the S&P 500’s -0.41%.

5. 30-Day Returns Reaching 132.80%
The Biotech and Healthcare were the strongest 30-day packages this week.SRPT returned 132.80% making it the top earner. RPTP and MDVN also performed well with 28.62% and 20.40%. The average returns for these packages were 15.36% and 13.61% as opposed to the S&P 500’s -0.49% and -2.19%.

6. 148% in 3 Months
The most lucrative 3-month returns came from the Braziland Transportation packages. This stock returned 148.60% in just 3 months.CPA and GGB performed superbly returning 72.00% and 59.02%. The average returns for these forecasts were 38.55% and 29.45%. These were significantly higher than the S&P 500’s small returns of 3.83% and 3.31%.

7. Stock Forecast: Daily Stock Selection based on a Self-Learning Algorithm
This article shows the results of trading using the I Know First algorithm. From the period of January 7th through August 31st, I Know First returned up to 49.10%while the S&P 500 returned only 9.08%. For more data about the tests read the full article.

Article Summaries

  1. Since this article was published on April 12th, 2016, DDD increased 99%. The article discusses Vyomesh Joshi’s appointment as the new CEO and president of DDD. Many firms have also been purchasing DDD stock as part of their portfolios. The company is also collaborating with leading sports brands. Along with the article, the I Know First algorithm rated DDD a strong buy signal. The subsequent growth proved the algorithm’s signals accurate.
  2. With the iPhone 7 released, consumers and investors have been eagerly following Apple’s stock. Many articles have been published at I Know First analyzing Apple. One written on May 26th started with the fact that many institutional investors having been buying AAPL. It continued discussing Apple’s brand value and future opportunities. On August 16th, 2016, an analyst published another article that stated investors should invest in Apple before the iPhone 7 was released. The article delved into a myriad of reasons why the iPhone 7 will boost Apple’s stock. Nomura has increased AAPL’s target price to $135 but the I Know First algorithm already predicted that increase. It published a strong bullish signal 3 months ago with a strength of 52.32 and a predictability ratio of 0.24. Since the article 3 months ago, AAPL has risen about 30% in the last four months.
  3. Amazon is the largest online retail giant. In early 2015 they reported poor numbers and its stock saw a decline. This article discusses Amazon’s opportunities to expand and its strong position in retail. It continued into a discounted cash flow analysis of AMZN which showed positive predictions. The i Know First algorithm also published a buy signal for AMZN. AMZN has increased 65% since then proving I Know First’s predictions accurate.

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