ACI Stock Forecast – Quick Win: 141.82% Return In 7 Days

ACI Stock forecast – Quick Win

On August 24th, 2015, The I Know First algorithm gave a bullish signal of 11.81 for the ticker ACI (Arch Coal Inc.), which had a predictability indicator of 0.04. In accordance with the algorithm’s prediction, ACI spiked 141.82% in the following 7 days.

ACI Stock forecast


Arch Coal Inc. (ACI) is an American coal mining and processing company. The company mines, processes, and markets bituminous and sub-bituminous coal with low sulfur content in the United States. Arch Coal is the second largest supplier of coal in the U.S. behind Peabody Energy. The company supplies 15% of the domestic market and sells a substantial amount of its coal to producers of electric power, steel producers and industrial facilities

Shares of the company have been going up constantly during each trading day of last week. Monday was no exception as shares opened at $7.54, down more than 8% from Friday’s closing price, but went eventually up 22.17% to $10.03 per share. This happened after after the company delayed the closing of its debt swap offer until midnight September 23rd. The exchange was originally scheduled to expire on August 14th before it was delayed a first time to August 28th. The company thus extended that again yesterday. The company is privately offering to exchange new 6.25% certificates due 2021 and a cash payment for any or all of its outstanding 7.25% senior notes due 2020.