VIX futures: 34% gain in 1 month

Vix futures forecast and the forecast for the Top 5 stocks for short position from April 27 2012 (before market opening) based on "I Know First" predictive Algorithm.
The stock  prediction includes forecast for:

  • Top 5 stocks and indices with the strongest signal fit for short position.
  • S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq.
  • Vix futures
  • FTSE index, DAX index.

Time horizon of the forecast: 30 trading days from April 27 2012.

 VIX futures

The stock  prediction for the Top stock picks includes the following predictions :

  • Prediction for STP
  • Prediction for C
  • Prediction for FAS
  • Prediction for LDK
  • Prediction for BAC
  • Prediction for ^S&P500
  • Prediction for Nasdaq
  • Prediction for Dow Jones
  • Prediction for  VIX  futures
  • Prediction for FTSE
  • Prediction for DAX


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