Apple stock forecast: I Know First correctly predicted the bubble

 I Know First, recently released its Apple stock forecast for September 21st, Apple’s peak; its algorithm correctly predicted the collapse by exhibiting strong sell signals since August 24, see Chart 1. Not only had it been correct in predicting Apple’s decline, but it also correctly predicted Apple’s pre-crash ascent. I Know First’s algorithm ignores traditional ‘fundamental’ indicators, focusing instead on tracing trends in the raw historical data.

Apple stock forecast

The algorithm is self-learning and impartial, allowing it to be unswayed by the hysteria in the market. Chart 2 shows the actual price of Apple stock (bold) and I Know First’s algorithm’s signals for future movements (colorful lines). When the signals lie below the line of the actual stock price, one should view that as an indication to sell Apple stock. As we can see, there were strong signals to begin selling Apple stock less than a month before the crash.


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