Bank Of America Stock Forecast: 21.1% Gain In 14 Days

Bank Of America stock forecast (BAC), VIX prediction and the top stocks picks from December 30 2011 (before market opening).

The time horizone of the forecast is 7 days however, the target date is approximate. You can expect the move to occur within several days around the target date. The 7 days performance of Bank Of America stock forecast .  

Did you know?
The first appearance of a stock in the top list does not mean you should buy is at any price the same day. It merely puts it in a watch list. Unless you are getting it at a significant discount, we advise that you wait three to five days to get it at the better price. Try to get into the market at a discount of at least three percent when the market goes against the prediction intraday or in the next few days after the first appearance of the signal. Alternatively you can buy it in small portions using cost averaging strategy. 
The forecast for the S&P 500 direction and for the Top 5 stocks/indices includes the following predictions :

  • Prediction for ^IBEX Index (Spain)
  • Prediction for Hang Seng Index (^HSI)
  • Prediction for Straits Times Index (STI)
  • Prediction for AIG
  • Prediction for BAC
  • Prediction for S&P 500
  • Prediction for Nasdaq (^IXIC)
  • Prediction for Dow Jones (^DJI)
  • Prediction for VIX (^VIX)




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