High Dividend Stocks based on Deep Learning: Up to 39.74 % Return in 14 Days

Package Name: "Dividend Stocks"
Recommended Positions: Long
Forecast Length: 14 days (01/22/2016 – 02/05/2016)
I Know First Average: 11.78%

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High Dividend Stocks

Algorithmic Trading: Combines Market Noise Trading And Trend Trading

taliTali Soroker is a Financial Analyst at I Know First.

algorithmic trading

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Stock Forecasting based on Machine Learning: Up To 29.31% in 14 Days

Package Name: Basic Industry
Forecast Length: 14 days (01/25/16 – 02/08/16)
I Know First Average: 3.54% (long) 4.31% (short)

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Stock Forecasting

Best Transportation Stocks Based On Algorithms: Up To 12.29% in 14 Days

Package Name: Transportation Stocks
Forecast Length: 14 Days (01/26/16 – 02/09/16)
I Know First Average: 4.55%

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Best Transportation Stocks

Algorithmic Trading: Evolution of Algorithmic Trading

Tomer Solel is a Financial Analyst at I Know First. He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a bachelor's degree in applied mathematics.
  • The two methods used for algotrading are high frequency and quantitative trading.
  • The steps in understating machine learning include providing framework, giving examples to learn from, fitness function, sequential, and generalization requirement. Everyone wants to report results as accurate as possible and as fast as possible.
  • Genetic algorithm is another type of algorithm. The steps in a genetic algorithm include combination, mutation, crossover, and selection; hence the name “genetic algorithm”.
  • Our algorithm predicts over 3,000 markets in 6 different time horizons for short and long term for stocks, commodities, ETF’s, interest rates, currencies, and world indices.
  • The I Know First daily market heat map includes signal and predictability for different stocks, and recently, in a swing trading report, the I Know First Algorithm Performance crushed the S&P 500’s performance.

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Quick Wins by the Algorithm: Glu Mobile Inc.

On January 24th 2015, I Know First published an article with the forecast for GLUU showing bullish short term signals and a bearish long term signal. In accordance with the algorithm's prediction, GLU has returned 27.31% in the last 3 weeks.

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Quick Wins by the Algorithm

Top Stock Research Based On Deep Learning : Up To 83.33% Return In 14 Days

Package Name: Brazil Stock Forecast
Recommended Positions:
Forecast Length: 14 Days (01/26/16 – 02/09/16)
I Know First Average: 20.84%

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Top Stock Research